Anna's story

What have you done/are you doing to raise funds for Mast Cell Action?

I offered 3 x therapy sessions.

What is your link to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? Can you share a brief history of your story with us?

I have MCAS and we suspect our son also has it. 

Mast Cell Action offered me a lifeline when I hit a health crisis for a prolonged period.  I had been bounced between tens of specialists, tried numerous medications for all sorts of suspected conditions, and wound up bedbound for months at a time.  I had pretty much lost two years of my life, was unable to manage day to day, and heartbreakingly, was unable to look after our young son independently because I was so unwell.  I was preparing to slip away, wrote my will, said my goodbyes… yet fiercely knew there was an answer to my desperate.

Specialists, GPs and other medical professionals struggled to believe the craziness of what I was describing.  They failed to really hear what I was saying.  I suppose I could say that they heard with their ears, but not with an open mind.  Therefore, all of my pleas for help, all of my meticulously written symptoms and triggers, fell on deaf ears. From frequently being told it was all in my head… that I had PND, anxiety… that I just needed to eat more vitamin C… I was in a hopeless and time sensitive situation. 

I had never heard of MCAS, but stumbled across the condition when intently researching ‘reactions and triggers’… this lead me to Mast Cell Action. Suddenly, I found myself in a welcoming, smiley, friendly community, who didn’t fob me off if I didn’t have the ‘normal’ symptoms.

Why did you choose Mast Cell Action? What impact has Mast Cell Action had for you?

Mast Cell Action supported me by giving me access to an open minded team, a real life community filled with other people who had cray symptoms.  Mast Cell Action had understanding, knowledge and information on Consultants and medication, supporting publications and their community gave wonderful support in many ways.

Mast Cell Action is an important part of how I’m still here to tell this tale, along with the right GP, Nutritional Therapist and MCAS Consultant.

What did you enjoy most/are you enjoying about your fundraising experience?

Supporting a good cause like Mast Cell Action not only benefits the charity by raising funds, but also awareness. Doing something for other people, in turn, makes me feel good.  It gives me a sense of pride and purpose.

 What would you say to other people considering doing a fundraiser for Mast Cell Action?

Do it, do it, DO IT!

Doing something good for someone else, makes you feel GREAT! Putting in to society/a charity/ a worthwhile community gives such a brilliant sense of purpose. Putting in to society/a charity/ a worthwhile community gives such a brilliant sense of purpose.

What message would you like to share with the wider community?

It can be very easy to see someone, speak with them and assume something about them… but, I encourage you to open your mind, open your heart and maybe you will hear much more than the words they say.

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