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Our Facebook support groups for adults who have MCAS and parents of children with MCAS are a great source of information and community with the opportunity to connect to others who may be experiencing a similar journey.

You can also follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn where we regularly share campaigns about MCAS, helping to explain what MCAS is and how it feels to experience living with MCAS. We are continually developing new resources to help others to understand more about MCAS, triggers, symptoms and the common difficulties often experienced in our community. These resources are shared on our social media accounts, so follow us for regular updates.

For more information about the support we could offer you, please send us an email.


Our free resources have been designed to support people living with MCAS and their families.

You will find a range of wellbeing resources on our website here.

We are working towards offering a range of holistic programmes to improve the lives of anyone with MCAS. From supportive methods such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness and yoga to health coaching. You will find some of our latest video's on our YouTube channel. If you have any skills or expertise which could contribute to these programmes and would like to help us support the MCAS community please get in touch.

What is MCAS?

Our leaflet about MCAS was developed to share at medical conferences to raise awareness of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

The leaflet summarises MCAS, symptoms, triggers, management and diagnosis and also has some short patient stories which were developed to share with medics.

We are often asked by members of our community for information about MCAS which you can download and share so have made this leaflet available as a PDF which is available to download here.

You can find more resources which have been developed to share with medics on our website here.

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