Wellbeing resources

Over the past year, we have developed multiple resources which we hope will support those living with MCAS. These can be viewed and downloaded for free below. 

We hope that our wellbeing projects will help to actively enhance personal and community wellbeing. 

Parent support leaflet

Download our newly launched parent support leaflet here

Words for wellbeing

Do you have any quotes which help you to feel better? We would love to hear them. Please share them with us.

Casper the MCA Chameleon

The book was created thanks to our Wellbeing Fund. The fund is designed to create sustainable resources to continue to benefit the wellbeing of our community, targeting new initiatives and improving existing offerings to unleash significant positive impact.

We are delighted to have published a children's book, Casper the Chameleon. Written by our very own Head of Communications, Joy Mason.

We would like to thank Dr Louise Lightfoot for her collaboration on our Casper the chameleon story & other wellbeing resources and Sara Waymont, our Illustrator.

Order your copy for free by emailing joy@mastcellaction.org.

We hope the following resources will be used in partnership with the book to support wellbeing in the MCAS community.

With special thanks to: Tania Freeman for her invaluable expertise as a child creative therapist and for helping to deliver the many supporting resources which have helped bring Casper to life.

"I just wanted to take a moment to say a heartfelt 'thank you' from all our family for your lovely chameleon book and discussion cards. We're in a tough place at the moment where both our sons have crashed with a huge flare-up of their mast cell disorder. And your book was there to help us open the conversation with them about why their bodies are feeling the way they are and to help them find the words and space to tell us how it feels for them."

Wellbeing resources for families

Doctor visit preparation form

A form designed to help you to plan the questions you would like to ask and symptoms you would like to discuss at medical appointments.


The puzzle of you

In the same way that a jigsaw is made up of lots of different pieces, each of us are madeup of lots of different parts too. This puzzle can help you to talk about MCAS being just one part of that puzzle.


Your wellbeing bucket

An exercise to help children identify the things which make them feel good, those which don't and what helps them to feel better when things aren't going so well.


Ball of wool game

The ball of worries activity introduces children to a practical coping strategy to make thoughts and worries appear more manageable.

Parent support leaflet

Parent support leaflet

A leaflet designed to help support parents and carers of children living with systemic mast cell activation and MCAS. It provides suggestions for how to care for your personal wellbeing whilst caring for someone with MCAS, and shares ideas and suggestions for how to communicate and support each other as a family.

An exercise to help you find your feel good activities

Feel good jar

An exercise to help you find the activities that make you feel good and may help to improve your mood. Suitable for children and adults.

A downloadable worksheet to assess personal stress levels for adults

Perceived stress scale - Adults

This worksheet helps you to estimate your personal stress levels and gives you an idea of your current wellbeing.

Children's mood check in sheet - printable

Mood check-in sheet - children

This is a quick and easy resource designed to help you, and those that care about you, to check-in with how you are doing.


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