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We have two UK Facebook support and advice forums for UK residents.

Given the difficulty in obtaining a firm MCAS diagnosis, these are open to anyone living in the UK with unusual symptoms affecting multiple parts of the body which are consistent with the pattern of MCA, and for which no alternative diagnosis has been found.

Please see our information pages on the symptoms of MCAS for further information.

If you are an adult with an MCAS diagnosis or suspect that you have MCAS and are in need of help or advice you can find our adult support group here:

MCA UK Support

If you are a parent with a child with MCAS or suspected MCAS you can request to join our parents' support group here:

MCA for UK Parents

If you are a family member looking for support, we would like to help you too, and you are welcome to also join the appropriate community.

Please note that if you do not complete the questions when requesting to join we will be unable to add you to the group. This is in order for us to keep the groups a safe space for people who are living with MCAS and to avoid unwanted promotions or spam messages.

"I just wanted to say to everyone thank you, this group is the only group I have truly felt welcomed into and the only one I know that no matter what problem I have there's always someone who will help me. It's filled with so many kind and caring people who have helped me so much recently without judgement"

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