Move for Mast Cell

The MCAS community is coming together to take action! Together, we can fight mast cell disease. Plan your event for May 2023, Move for Mast Cell and join the fight today!

In previous years, members of our community have moved in so many ways - from marathons and skydivers to cake sales and card making. Last year we congratulated our supporters who took part in Tai Chi, walks, technology bans and more.

However you choose to Move for Mast Cell, don't forget to get in touch for your free Mast Cell Action t-shirt and send us lots of photos of your event!

Let us know if you need help with any preparation for your event - and remember to check out our fundraising resource pack and fundraising resources for lots of top tips and ideas.

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How you can help 

MCAS can limit many things in life, but your love gives us all vital hope for a brighter tomorrow. But we need your help - we really can't do it without you! Every penny that you raise helps us to make a difference to the MCAS community. Thank you for being there for our community; here’s how you can help. 

1. Donate

You can choose to support Mast Cell Action with a monthly or one-off donation. We appreciate anything you are able to give. You can donate directly to Mast Cell Action here.  
By choosing to give a regular monthly donation, you will be helping us to plan ahead and make long-term improvements for those affected by MCAS. A regular gift allows us to plan for the future because we know that we can rely on your support. You can donate directly to Mast Cell Action here

2. Fundraise

Fundraising is so important as we simply cannot help those living with MCAS effectively without your incredible efforts to raise funds. Supporting Mast Cell Action through a fundraiser will not only raise vital funds which will allow us to do so much more for those affected by MCAS, but also helps to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved and spread the word. 

There are so many ways in which you can support Mast Cell Action, and have fun too, so don’t hesitate to get creative! From popular activities such as coffee mornings and physical events to challenges of a lifetime, you’ve gone above and beyond to raise funds that allow us to help people living with MCAS. For that we are eternally grateful!  

Thanks to you we have achieved so much, but there is still much work to do and we need your continued help to ensure that support and treatment becomes accessible to everyone who needs it.  
If you would like to get involved but aren’t sure what you’d like to do, don’t worry, we’re here to help and support you to reach your goal. Contact us by e-mail on to discuss ideas, options, and resources to help your fundraiser be a big success.   
Thank you for being there for our community.  
Click here for our fundraising resources. 

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3. Facebook Fundraisers 

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers encourage your Facebook friends to donate to your chosen cause to mark your big day! We are always delighted when supporters like you choose to raise funds for Mast Cell Action in honour of an occasion that’s special to them. 
The fundraisers are easy to set up, don’t take much time, can be shared with your family and friends through your profile, and more importantly your Facebook fundraiser can make all the difference to those living with MCAS.  

“On the 12th of June, I had the joy/pain of walking a marathon from Windsor to Teddington with my teaching colleagues & sister. Before I was diagnosed with MCAS in the summer of 2019, running a marathon had been on my bucket list. However, knowing that would never be possible, due to my condition, as I improved, I so hoped that I would walk one. Mission completed. In addition to raising money for the charity, our school supports one of the Mast Cell Action administrators suggested I use it as an opportunity to support Mast Cell Action. The charity has been my rock since I was diagnosed with MCAS. I am so glad I did. With the right medical support team & friends dreams do come true!” Nancy Vickers.

Scott Fisher - 27 Marathons 

MCA Supporter Scott Fisher undertook an incredible feat of running 27 marathons in 27 days!  

Scott's Wife, Megan, lives with many debilitating symptoms caused by MCAS and Scott feels passionate about raising funds for Mast Cell Action to help support those living with MCAS. 

The idea. 'Marathons for MAST Cell originally started when I was making up my wife’s medication for the week. As I put 175 tablets into boxes for a week, I thought. This isn’t good enough; someone needs to do something to help people who are going through this. 

I started researching challenges and the first one I stumbled across was Eddie Izzards 27 marathons for sports relief. “27 marathons; 27 tablets; we might have something here” I thought.' 

Why do I want to support MCA? 'The MCA website and research papers have been pivotal in stopping the medical gaslighting and forcing professionals to listen to us.' 

How do I feel about what Megan has been through? 'How does anyone feel when the one that you love becomes critically ill? You just feel thankful to have had what time you have had, the times to come and remain hopeful for a cure or medication that works.' 

How do I feel about supporting someone with MCAS? 'Any illness gives you perspective; our lives have changed drastically. It is trying, exhausting, testing… the list goes on but it also makes some things momentous. A date night becomes an occasion not a routine, a cinema trip without a reaction becomes a win and you understand that in life it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the people that matter and you do what you can. You make them hot water bottles at 2am, you carry them up the stairs when they can’t walk and you certainly don’t give up on them.' 

"After childbirth, my wife developed sepsis in the uterus; doctor’s think this mutated a gene in my wife’s body, and it changed our life’s. The symptoms started mild - rashes, swelling etc. Due to MCAS spectrum of symptoms, every medical professional had a different opinion of what was going on. 

It took about two years of elimination testing to reach a diagnosis and nearly three to start treatments. The last three years have been unpredictable, reactive and emotional. 

Megan is on numerous treatment pathways but were yet to find one that works; the thing that helps the most are family. 

Severe MCAS puts a new lens on everything that you do. We take each day at a time; we rarely plan but grasp opportunity as it comes. 

MCA has provided direction to alternate specialists, provided resources and emotional support to my wife but also helped me on my fundraising journey by providing the framework and leg up to raise a large portion of money to help the cause". 

You can see Scott's training programme and marathon journey on Instagram, here. 

Check out Scott's Just Giving page and read his and Megan's story, here. 

Follow Scott on Instagram or Twitter for updates. 

Thank you Scott for supporting Mast Cell Action and helping us to raise vital funds and awareness. Megan and all the team here at Mast Cell Action are very proud of your efforts, especially when you crossed that 27th finish line. We can't thank you enough for all that you've done to help. 

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"It is honestly amazing what Scott is doing (on top of a taxing job both mentally and physically) I'm so proud of him. I could never have hoped for someone so supportive and willing to push themselves to the brink to raise awareness of such a little understood condition! I couldn't thank or love him any more for what he is doing for me, the MCAS Community, and Mast Cell Action". Megan Fisher.

Victoria Maley (Charlottes' Army)  - Kiltwalks 

Join Charlottes' Army on upcoming Kiltwalks here 

Kiltwalk in Dundee with Charlottes’ army – walking 6 miles. This falls on the back of other kiltwalks this year where Charlottes’ family and friends have walked 24 miles in Glasgow, 15 miles in Aberdeen, and plan 26 miles in Edinburgh. 


"Despite a lack of training, the walking has been going well – the feet may tell another story! Some toenails are missing and blister had multiple blister at the end of the day – but all worth it! To date we have raised over £1,000 this year. Charlotte, our 7 year old daughter, suffers from this condition. It has been a steep learning curve in being diagnosed, recognised and management. Having a support group helps to ask questions but as a community we can help push forward with potential treatments and cures. 

Feeling that you can give back to people in the ultimate aim of trying to raise awareness and a find a cure. I would love to take away Charlottes’ troubles, as a parent that is all you want. However I can’t magic it away so instead choose to channel that into hopefully providing the group with much needed money to help". 

What message would you like to share with the MCAS community? 

We are all in this together – so donate, support, fundraise – it’s the only way to change things. 

What message would you like to share with the wider community? 

"MCAS is an under recognised, under diagnosed and mismanaged condition affecting all aspects of Charlottes’ life. It’s something that needs more funding and research to help improve Charlottes' life along with many other sufferers". 

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“We want to help the MCAS community in so many ways; providing support for people affected by mast cell activation and their families, bringing the MCAS community together, working with the medical community to help ensure patients with MCAS receive the best care possible, promoting increased research into conditions related to mast cell activation, lobbying for universal awareness, diagnosis and treatment of MCAS and educating the wider community, helping to reduce stigma and improve lives for those living with MCAS”.

Rachel did a sponsored Tai Chi practice

Read more about Rachels' story here.

Jennifer hiked the Green Chain Walk.

Read about her story here.

Chris, one of our Trustees, on a charity walk

Chris, one of our founding Trustees has completed several walks of varying themes - including one with 28 different dogs in 28 different days!

A group of walkers tackle 5k for Mast Cell Action

Joy, our Head of Communications organised a sponsored walk in her local village - attended by all sorts of interesting legs including some inflatable animals!

Founding Trustee Gawain and family joining our annual event

Gawain and family walked the length of the Thames to raise funds and awareness for MCA.

Lily did 5000 bounces on her trampoline!!

Lily, aged 11, did 5000 bounces on her trampoline during lockdown. Well done Lily!

Anna and Alfie made 500 cards

Anna and Alfie made 500 cards and sent them to care home residents during lockdown. What a fabulous way to put smiles on 500 faces and support Mast Cell Action at the same time! Thank you both for your support!

The Masons organised a sponsored cycle

The Masons organised a sponsored cycle at their local Co-Op supermarket, collecting £250 of donations from shoppers! Brilliant idea, thank you!

Jackie completed a sky dive!

Jackie completed a tandem sky dive to raise money for Mast Cell Action. Jackie raised a phenomenal £1500. Read about Jackies' adventure here.

Piper and Rolo

Piper, and Rolo ran for one hour to raise funds for Mast Cell Action

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