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We are here to support you on your fundraising journey in any way that we can! 

Be sure to get in touch so you can brand your fundraiser with a free Mast Cell Action t-shirt. We’ve got bucket wraps for your collections, cake toppers for your bake sales, and bunting for your events. 

You can also download our fundraising resources pack for lots of ideas to kickstart your fundraiser!

We can help you to promote your event among the Mast Cell Action community via our social media channels so send us your event details and feel free to send in as many pictures as you like. 

If you have an idea for something out of the ordinary or want to know if we can send you something or create something specific to support your fundraiser, do contact us to let us know - and we will do our best to help.

"On the 12th of June, I had the joy/pain of walking a marathon from Windsor to Teddington with my teaching colleagues and sister. Before I was diagnosed with MCAS in the summer of 2019 running a marathon had been on my bucket list. However, knowing that would never be possible due to my condition, as I improved, I so hoped that I would walk one. Mission completed. In addition to raising money for the charity our school supports, one of the Mast cell action administrators suggested I use it as an opportunity to support Mast Cell Action. The charity has been my rock since I was diagnosed with MCAS. I am so glad I did. With the right medical support team and friends dreams do come true!"

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