Scott's story

The idea 'Marathons for MAST Cell originally started when I was making up my wife’s medication for the week. As I put 175 tablets into boxes for a week, I thought. This isn’t good enough; someone needs to do something to help people who are going through this. 

I started researching challenges and the first one I stumbled across was Eddie Izzards 27 marathons for sports relief. “27 marathons; 27 tablets; we might have something here” I thought.' 

Why do you want to support Mast Cell Action?

The MCA website and research papers have been pivotal in stopping the medical gaslighting and forcing professionals to listen to us.' 

How do you feel about what Megan has been through? 

How does anyone feel when the one that you love becomes critically ill? You just feel thankful to have had what time you have had, the times to come and remain hopeful for a cure or medication that works.' 

How do you feel about supporting someone with MCAS?

Any illness gives you perspective; our lives have changed drastically. It is trying, exhausting, testing… the list goes on but it also makes some things momentous. A date night becomes an occasion not a routine, a cinema trip without a reaction becomes a win and you understand that in life it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the people that matter and you do what you can. You make them hot water bottles at 2am, you carry them up the stairs when they can’t walk and you certainly don’t give up on them.' 

"After childbirth, my wife developed sepsis in the uterus; doctor’s think this mutated a gene in my wife’s body, and it changed our life’s. The symptoms started mild - rashes, swelling etc. Due to MCAS spectrum of symptoms, every medical professional had a different opinion of what was going on. 

It took about two years of elimination testing to reach a diagnosis and nearly three to start treatments. The last three years have been unpredictable, reactive and emotional. 

Megan is on numerous treatment pathways but were yet to find one that works; the thing that helps the most are family. 

Severe MCAS puts a new lens on everything that you do. We take each day at a time; we rarely plan but grasp opportunity as it comes. 

MCA has provided direction to alternate specialists, provided resources and emotional support to my wife but also helped me on my fundraising journey by providing the framework and leg up to raise a large portion of money to help the cause".  

Check out Scott's Just Giving page and read his and Megan's story, here. 

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Thank you Scott for supporting Mast Cell Action and helping us to raise vital funds and awareness. Megan and all the team here at Mast Cell Action are very proud of your efforts, especially when you crossed that 27th finish line. We can't thank you enough for all that you've done to help. 

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