Community Stories - Jemma Heighway

Living with MCAS has presented me with numerous challenges. However, I had many things that I wanted to achieve so took a proactive approach to managing this condition. It’s involved meticulous planning & making lifestyle adjustments: eating a low-histamine diet, avoiding triggers, staying organised with medications, practicing stress-management techniques, prioritising self-care, and surrounding myself with supportive individuals.

Ultimately, I strive for a balanced life where MCAS doesn't define me but instead becomes a manageable aspect, allowing me to pursue my passions.

I’m currently undertaking an MSc, & once completed I plan to embark on the journey towards a PhD. With newfound confidence and resilience this path, once daunting, now appears attainable, signalling a promising path ahead. As I look forward my aim is to attain better symptom control and enhance my quality of life by staying updated on the latest research, collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, and nurturing a supportive network.

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