From Histamine to Hyrox!

When my personal trainer asked me if I wanted to enter a fitness race, my first thoughts were “am I fit enough”? Followed by “will it be safe for me?” Hyrox involves eight 1 kilometre runs, interspersed with eight functional fitness workout stations.

I have 26 diagnosed IgE allergies and Type IV hypersensitivities, so there is a lot of histamine going on in my body! I have tried many workouts like yoga, pole fitness, circuit training, running, pump, weight lifting and spin classes. Unfortunately, these intense workouts with no rest spiked my histamine, leading to a variety of MCAS-type symptoms.

Learning that exercise lowers histamine over time I persisted, starting very small and over a few years I built up to heavier workouts. I now work out 4-5 times a week and, by balancing different types of exercise, can manage my symptoms almost completely medication-free.

Hyrox is an intense fitness challenge physically and mentally but aims to be completely accessible and will make the race work for you. The team helped make adjustments to suit my needs: wearing a hydration pack to carry my own water and emergency medication; avoiding chalk by cleaning down the machines ahead of me (I wore weightlifting gloves for extra protection) & several other measures. The support was incredible! I was as safe as I could be, empowered, and could focus on my race.

I did feel a lot of stress about the race, there were a lot of fragrances, sweat and even Deep Heat in the air. I kept calm and…On 3rd March 2024, me and my amazing challenge partner completed Hyrox Glasgow!

At the end, I shed a few tears. Of relief. Of pride. Of gratitude.

I have learned to listen to my body, and my fitness routine now underpins my health.

To others with MCAS I would say: we are all individual. Listen to your body, start incredibly small, try different things to find what works for you and then slowly build it up (this has taken me years). Believe in yourself and find people who believe in you. Don’t be afraid to dream.

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