What many don’t realise is that with MCAS you lose things. You lose foods & drinks, you lose creams & lotions to pamper yourself with, you lose social opportunities, you lose fun, you lose friends, you lose confidence. You lose a bit of yourself.

After losing all of those things I didn’t want to lose anymore. Managing my own health & being carer to an MCAS child I needed to find some things again. Most of all I needed to find some fun in my life. Dog agility was where I found it.

I have two little fluffballs that I decided also needed the fun of running & jumping around a field. It does take some preparation & planning so that I don’t react as a result of the exertion: building up stamina for the activity slowly, pacing for a couple of days beforehand, eating carefully, pre-medicating & being well hydrated work for me.

So now, each week we get to run about & all come home a bit tired out but happy. Later this year we even hope to enter a competition!

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