Tips from the MCAS community

Lots of people with MCAS react to environmental triggers. These are not always easy to detect as it can be difficult to work out what you are being exposed to at different times, especially if there are multiple triggers in your environment. Many people find it useful to keep a diary or journal recording suspected triggers and reactions to help identify individual triggers.  

The tips below have been shared by our wonderful community and are solutions which some have found helpful in managing their own MCAS symptoms.

Please remember that everyone will react differently, as we each have a unique set of triggers. When trying something new, please do take care and seek advice from your healthcare provider where appropriate. The information provided here is not intended to be advice, but reflects the personal experiences of some members of our community.

Gastro Symptoms



"Avoiding foods that are showing signs of ‘turning’ have been of benefit to me."

"I freeze bread so that it lasts longer."

"I have found that eating smaller meals helps me with digestion" 

"I try to stay hydrated with electrolytes" 

"I have found eating a low histamine diet has improved my symptoms' 

"Eating all-natural foods and avoiding additives has helped me"

"For me. Ginger and peppermint are two good things to have on hand for nausea & stomachaches"

"I have seen an improvement in my symptoms when I lower my stress levels"

"I drink low histamine herbal tea during flare-ups" 

"Rest is important for me in managing symptoms"

"I find eating lots of vegetables helps with digestion"

"I tend to choose cereal with fibre in it"


Supplements & Self Care

"I have found that Quercetin helps with leaky gut" 

"Vitamin D has helped to regulate my gastro inflammation"

"Liquid Benadryl helps me with nausea and vomiting" 

"I use Diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements to reduce my symptoms of histamine intolerance" 

"I take Pepcid (with meals) to help reduce heartburn and reflux" 

"Antihistamines help to reduce the amount of acid in my stomach and therefore help me with reflux" 

Bladder Symptoms



"I avoid Nightshades" 

"I find avoiding Caffeine helpful" 

"I eat a low acid/low histamine diet" 

"I always use paraben-free soap in ‘delicate’ areas"

"Drinking lots of water helps me"

"Marshmallow root tea has been good for me"

"I drink chamomile Tea"


Supplements & Self Care

"I use Histamine Blockers"

"I take Antihistamines" 

"I use binders to ease pain and compression"

"I take Azo Tablets to relieve symptoms caused by irritation of the urinary tract"

"Quercetin contains anti-inflammatory benefits"

Heart Rate



"I find lying down with my legs elevated helps" 

"Lying in an unstimulated, dark room and deep breathing helps me" 

"Using a weighted blanket helps to reduce my anxiety and slow my heart rate"

"I find I feel better if I am well hydrated" 

"Maintaining a low histamine and low sugar diet helps" 

"I avoid drinking alcohol as it can affect my resting heart rate" 


Supplements & Self Care

"Antihistamines can help depending on if my heart rate is fast or slow" 

Pollen Allergies



"I avoid hanging washing outside, to prevent pollen and other allergens clinging to my clothes" 

"I shower and wash my hair when I return home from being outside" 

"I use an air filter such as Hepa" 

"I find drinking lots of water helps" 

"I wear a face mask when I am outside" 

"I personally do not keep indoor plants" 

"I eat local honey"


Supplements & Self Care

"As a drug-free treatment, I use Haymax Balm" 

"I find nasal douching with a saline solution, such as Sterimar helpful" 

"I use Reactine, a Ceritizine-based allergy medication"




"I find, lying on a cold surface such as leather/vinyl sofa helps"

"I keep a cold compress/towel in the freezer to ease itchiness"

"I use a spray bottle filled with refrigerated water or iced water" 

"I bathe in cold water or water with oates" 

"Standing on a cool tile floor helps reduce internal leg itching for me" 

"I put body lotion (perfume-free and free from additives etc.) on the itchy area"

"I always use the extra rinse option on the washing machine"   


Supplements & Self Care

"I bought UV arm and leg sleeves"

"I crush an antihistamine tablet and add it to the body lotion/cream i am using" 

"I use Lysine (for hives)" 

"Diphenhydramine cream has helped me"

"I take Oral Antihistamines"

"Hydrocortisone cream helps me"




"I have found using a slightly heated eye mask helps to ease pain" 

"I find resting in a cool, dark room and hydration to be effective, along with deep breathing exercises"  

"I often massage my head, neck and shoulders to release tension" 

"I inhale essential oils such as peppermint" 


Supplements & Self Care

"I use over-the-counter pain relief such as paracetamol" 

"I found Acculief (acupressure) to be effective, although it isn't for everyone" 

Regulating Temperature



"I keep a scarf and hat closeby"  

"I use a hot water bottle at night" 

"I bought a microwaveable hot neck pad"  

"I use an electric shoulder blanket" 

"I have found using Heattech long sleeves helpful"

"Where possible, I always allow myself an extra 15-20 min when going places, so that I am not rushing" 

"I stay in the shade whenever possible"

"I drink extra fluids and eat low histamine foods" 

"In warmer weather, I wear a hat and sunglasses/ use an umbrella or canopy and wear UV clothing"

"Coolibar shirts and masks keep me cool"


Supplements & Self Care

"I take Hydrolyte Tablets"




"I find sipping ice water helps to cool me down" 

"I use ice packs wrapped in a towel or cold flannel" 

"I bought a Headache Hat (Amazon)" 

"I find taking a cool shower helpful" 


Supplements & Self Care

"I use Zyrtec, a Citirizine antihistimine" 




"I find changing my bed sheets regularly helps"

"Dusting/Vacuuming regularly helps to limit dust and dirt"


Supplements & Self Care

"I regularly use nasal douching with a Saline solution such as Sterimar" 

"I use a Nasel Inhaler or antihistamine nasal spray such as Dymista, Vicks Sinex, Olbas Oil"

"Allegra D helps with my congestion ans sinus pressure"

"I use a Hong Thai inhaler to help with congestion"

Brain Fog



"Stay organised with a calendar of events"

"Plan ahead where possible" 

"Make lists"

"Drink caffeine before noon" 


Supplements & Self Care

"Active charcoal"

"Non-drowsy histamines" 


Joint/Muscle Pain



"Open water swimming is good for me but for some people it can be a trigger" 

"I have a bath or foot soak with Epsom Salts" 

"Gentle Yoga/mindfullness can be helpful for relaxation of my muscles" 

"I find walking is helpful for me"

"Regular stretching helps me to keep my muscles and joints loose and flexible" 

"Sufficient rest/sleep has always been helpful for me" 

"Massage is good for me to relax my muscles"


Supplements & Self Care

"I have found that taking magnesium supplements has helped with some of my joint and muscle pain" 

"I use heat pads on the effected area"

"I use over-the-counter pain relief like paracetemol"

"I have used CBD Oil/Gummies in the past to manage pain"

Recommended Products


Washing powder/liquid:

"Ecover Zero"

"Attitude Unscented"

"Eco Leaf, Free and Clear"

"Seventh Generation Free & Clear"

"Zum Bar Soap – Indigo wild"

"Laundry Egg" 


"White vinegar"

Dish/Liquid soap:

"Ecover zero"


"White vinegar"

"Ecover zero"

"Purdy & Fig - natural cleaning products with essential oils"

Shower Gel:

"Faith in Nature – Fragrance-Free"

"Sanex zero"





"100% Pure Tea Tree handwash"


"Salt of the earth natural deodrant"

"Green People sun cream"

Dental Products:

"Primal Life Tooth Powder"

"Tepe Interdental Brushes"


"Millet/Millet Flour is excellent for making Gluten Free flatbreads and porridge. I use Thames Organic"

"November Organic extra virgin olive oil"

"Biona Coconut Oil is high in calories, so good for weight gain if you can tolerate it"

"I have found vitamin patches to be a great help as I don’t tolerate the oral versions".

Suppliers of Low Histamine meat:

Pheasants Hill Farm

Green Pastures Farm

Primal Meats

Seafresh UK (for fish)



Top Tips:

"You can request a free eye test home visit from Specavers, to help avoid possible environmental triggers"

"I find using products with very few ingredients makes me less likely to react as there are less potential triggers"

"You don't need fabric softener, so I just use washing liquid"

"I use sweet almond oil as a moisturiser"

"Aloe vera gel is perfect for after sun care, as a moisturiser or hair mask"

"I use an exfoliating sponge instead of a product that contains potential triggers"

"Hot showers and baths are a trigger for me, so I make sure to keep them warm - not hot"

"Method have some lovely cleaning products which do a great job"

"I use white vinegar to clean windows and as a dishwasher shine agent"

"I use an ecover dishwasher tablet with my washing machine on self-clean to keep the drum clean and free from mould - as mould is a trigger for me"

"Fussy unscented deodorant is fab, hardly any ingredients, natural, environmentally friendly and it really works"

"You don't necessarily need a specialist for low histamine meat. If you ask them, most butchers will be able to give you meat that has been cured for less than 1-2 days"

"I use lemon and bicarb for cleaning the oven" 

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