Creatives with MCAS

Unleash Your Creative Spark at Our Monthly Gathering!

This is your chance to express your artistic talents, whether it's through the magic of poetry, the strokes of a paintbrush, the molding of pottery, or any other form of creation that stirs your soul. Come along and share your creations with a like-minded community, whether you're a seasoned artist or someone just starting on their artistic journey.

These sessions will run on the second Tuesday of each month and there will of course be an opportunity for lots of chat, MCAS or otherwise while we get crafty!

We will be running this session virtually through Zoom, you are welcome to attend with your microphone and camera off if you feel more comfortable doing so. We will email out the Zoom link to join before the session. Please check your spam folder if you can't find this link. You can book your tickets here. 

Meet your host, Alice

Hi my name is Alice. I love to draw and write poetry, they have always been my go-to, through lifes joys and heartbreaks. I am married, my husband's name is Chris and I have five amazing children and two step children aged between 29 and 12.

My MCAS journey started aged 3, not that anyone knew what was going on with me. I spent years being told "we don't know what is wrong with you." I had stays in hospital being treated for anaphylaxis. Then this year I finally got a diagnosis aged 51. I am hoping that one day treatment with begin far quicker.

Please come along to the Creatives with MCAS events and share your story and your 'art'. 

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