Katrin, a Mast Cell Action volunteer, shares her volunteering story:

"I joined the Mast Cell Action team at the end of 2021. With my children getting older, I found myself with a little more time on my hands and a desire to learn some new skills as well as to put my existing experience and skills to a good cause. I have a PhD in cell and molecular biology, and so am intrinsically interested in MCAS, but my daughter also shows some of the signs and symptoms (thankfully not severe) of MCAS, so I also have a vested interest in finding out more about this disease.

My background is in science editing and writing, but I am keen to extend my communication skillset to include pictures as well as words! In my role as Communications and Marketing Volunteer for Mast Cell Action, I help to develop graphics for the charity’s social media sites and any campaigns it embarks upon. Although I was familiar with creating simple graphics for use on social media through another voluntary role at my daughter’s football club, Joy has helped me to cement these existing skills as well as teaching me (enthusiastically and very patiently!) new ones and involving me in other aspects of the charity’s work.  Even though I spend only a few hours per week working for Mast Cell Action, I feel that this work is valued and that I am making a worthwhile contribution to the charity. In the meantime, I’ve gained confidence, new skills, and more knowledge about MCAS!".

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