Mark's Story

What are you doing to raise funds for Mast Cell Action?

I am walking the 84 mile Norfolk coastline over 3-4 days commencing on the 29th March 2024.

How is the challenge going so far?

The training is challenging

How much are you hoping to raise?

I am hoping to raise awareness and have set a target of £500 in donations

Can you share a brief history of your story with us?

I have witnessed how debilitating Mast Cell Activation Syndrome can be, and the daily challenges faced.

Why did you choose Mast Cell Action?

Mast Cell Action has helped so many individuals living with the condition, but more research is desperately needed.

What are you enjoying about your fundraising experience?

I enjoy the personal challenge and have enjoyed trying to create awareness of this condition.

What would you say to other people considering doing a fundraiser for Mast Cell Action?

Do it

What message would you like to share with the MCAS community?

Try to think positively for the future, the researchers and Mast Cell Action are working hard to help make your condition easier to manage.

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