Mindfulness Drop In

Mast Cell Action is delighted to share a new weekly session on Mindfulness and relaxation. 

Join us on Thursday's at 12:30pm for these virtual sessions, hosted by Anna Garratt and Deborah Bircham.

Join this relaxed, informal session to have half an hour of chill-out time just for you. Bring along a cuppa and get yourself comfortable, as you completely unwind, restore and feel supported.

Included will be a short guided meditation, mindfulness practice or breathwork practice each week. This will then be followed by the opportunity to chat about the experience, ask any questions, and just generally have a catch-up with the group. 

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What is Mindfulness? 

In it's simplest form, mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, without judgement. Focusing on the here and now, in turn, allowing your mind to quieten, being able to soften the noise within your brain and around you. Mindfulness enables us to turn inward. It's the most wonderful tool to have in your toolbox of coping strategies.

If practised regularly, the benefits can be profound, including, but not limited to, improved focus and attention, reduced anxiety and depression, reduced chronic pain, boosted immune system, reduced stress, promoted better sleep and improved emotional regulation and resilience.

About Anna

Hi there! I'm Anna and I'm a Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner, I'm also an MCAS warrior too. A few years ago I was very, very unwell with MCAS and turned to Mast Cell Action for support. I was housebound and bedbound for many months at a time and one of the few things that kept me going was practicing mindfulness. I'm doing really well now and my MCAS is stabilised with medications and avoiding my many triggers. Fifteen years ago I was taught mindfulness by a Psychologist who shared the teachings of Dr. Russ Harris with me. I was hooked and flabbergasted at the positive life-changing results mindfulness could bring. I later went on to study mindfulness with Dorset Meditation Centre. Whilst we can't always change the difficult situations we are in, learning mindfulness can enable us to feel better equipped for life's ups and downs, with more resilience and balance, we can push through. You can read more about Anna here.

About Deborah

Deborah is a Mindfulness teacher and Holistic Health Coach, and she specialises in supporting people with long-term health conditions through a combination of naturopathic health coaching, mindfulness and psychotherapy techniques. She has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and how we can support our own wellbeing through self-care and self-compassion practices. She has MCAS, Dysautonomia and Lyme Disease and uses her own lived experience of long-term illness to enable her to fully understand and support those she works with. She is motivated by wanting to ensure that others have the information and support they need to empower them on their health journey, and give others the support that she didn’t have when she became unwell. She is particularly excited to be volunteering for Mast Cell Action, alongside Anna, to share some of her favourite techniques and bring a bit of relaxation and self-care to the lives of others living with MCAS. To find out more about Deborah here. 

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