Empowering You with Choices in Your Healthcare

At Mast Cell Action, we understand that living with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) can be challenging and that having control over your healthcare decisions is vital. One of the fundamental principles of the National Health Service (NHS) is the right of patients to make choices about their healthcare.

It is designed to make sure that patients are able to decide how and where they receive treatment. 

Understanding Your Rights

Under the NHS Patient Choice framework, you are entitled to certain rights, as a patient. You have the right to choose your GP practice, allowing you to select the practice that best suits your needs and preferences, provided they have the capacity to take on new patients. This choice ensures that you can find a GP who you feel comfortable with and who understands your medical history and specific needs related to MCAS.

You can view what choices are currently available to patients in the NHS Choice Framework. 

Specialist Care

When it comes to specialist care, you have the right to choose the hospital or clinic where you receive treatment. This choice also includes the consultant that will oversee your care. This means that if you need to see a specialist, you can choose a hospital or consultant that has expertise in MCAS. Additionally, for elective treatments, you can choose from any hospital or clinic that provides the appropriate care and meets NHS standards. This flexibility allows you to select a facility that is conveniently located, has shorter waiting times, or has a better reputation for the specific treatment you require.

How to Make Your Choices

Making informed choices about your healthcare can impact your treatment experience and outcomes. The first step in exercising your patient choice is to discuss your options with your GP. When discussing your options with your GP or healthcare provider, it is important to ask questions. You should ask about the experience and qualifications of the medical team, the facilities available at the hospital or clinic, and the details of your proposed treatment plan. Being well-informed will help you feel more confident in your choices and ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Benefits of Patient Choice

The ability to choose your healthcare providers offers several significant benefits. Personalising your care by selecting providers who are experienced in managing MCAS can lead to better treatment outcomes and a more tailored healthcare experience. Additionally, choosing a hospital or clinic that is conveniently located can make attending appointments and following up on treatments more manageable, reducing stress and improving your overall experience. 

Support from Mast Cell Action

At Mast Cell Action, we are committed to supporting you in any way we can. We provide resources on support and advocacy, to empower you to make informed decisions about your care. 

You can read more about Patient Choices on the NHS website here.

Remember, it is your health and it is your choice who treats you. 

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