Our Trustees

Eric Grounds

Are there any particular projects or initiatives within the charity that you are passionate about or have taken a lead on? 

I care deeply about creating an effective, resilient and long-term fundraising discipline.  Small charities always struggle to cover the full range of income streams, so the logical conclusion is to establish the low cost, high return methods before moving on. 

What do you hope to accomplish or see achieved by our charity in the next few years? 

Financial stability and full recognition by the medical community

You can read more about Eric's work as a trustee and what he likes to do in his spare time, here.  

Gawain Paling

Jackie Fisher

Chris Wood

Our Team

Joy Mason

After years of helplessly watching her daughter suffer for many years with a range of debilitating and unpredictable symptoms which impacted her life significantly, Joy's daughter was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome. 

Joy knows that they are fortunate to have a diagnosis and a supportive medical team and hopes by working to raise awareness and elevate the profile of MCAS, that others will find the support they need. Joy wants to do everything she can to support those living with MCAS and those caring for someone with MCAS. 

Recently, Joy's son has also been diagnosed with MCAS, which has inspired her to continue to support the MCAS community.

Working on the wellbeing resources we are developing is a key part of Joy's work with Mast Cell Action as she believes that these are vital in the support we are providing to the MCAS community. Part of this work led Joy to co-author our children's book about a chameleon who has MCAS.

Charise Clarke

Our Medical Engagement Team

Lauren Kelly MSc.  

As a medical writer and content creator, with a family history of MCAS and other chronic conditions, Lauren wants to help patients and doctors to understand each other's side.  

Lauren's area of focus is in creating accessible information for patients and medics, for pre and post – diagnosis.   

Lauren loves to explore & travel, cook & eat but mostly she enjoys spending time with her loved ones. 

Seyi Adebola 

Seyi is a Neurosurgery Specialty Registrar at Walton Centre MBBS (Ilorin), MSc translational neuropathology (Sheffield), Member of Royal College of Surgeons (England). 

Seyi's area of focus is in driving medical communication and a patient-led research agenda for MCAS. 

Seyis is a creative writer and author of ‘A Cluster of Petals’ (Collection of Short stories).  

Sherrin Gotru

Sherrin has a joint honours in Biochemistry and Genetics (BSc) with a masters in nanomedicine. Sherrin is a Licentiate of the IBMS and holds an RSciTech accreditation.

Sherrin's area of focus is on creating accessible information for patients and trying to understand how to best support individuals living with MCAS.  

Sherrin is currently doing her PhD in Eye and Vision Sciences. Outside of her career/study she enjoys art, reading and cooking in her spare time. When possible, Sherrin loves to travel. 

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