Weekly Qigong sessions

Qigong (sometimes alternatively spelled Chi Gong or Chi Kung) is an ancient practice that makes up one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside acupuncture. Our weekly sessions run on Monday's at 2pm, led by volunteer Jen.

The following videos are reminders of the sessions completed with Jen for those who have attended the class.

Introduction to Qigong

Week 1

Introduction to Qigong - Long version

Introduction to Qigong - Short version

Week 2

Qigong for lungs and immunity - Long version

Qigong for lungs and immunity - Short version

Week 3

Qigong for digestion and immunity - long version

Qigong for digestion and immunity - short version

Week 4

Qigong for pain management - long version

Qigong for pain management - short version

Week 5

Qigong for sleep - long version

Qigong for sleep - short version

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