Rest and Unwind Class

Our rest and unwind classes are currently on a break - we will update details of future sessions here once we have them. 

In the meantime, have you tried some Yoga Nidras? Caroline Rose has kindly shared some with us for you to try in your own time, at your own pace. 

Deep Peace Yoga Nidra

Bright Brain Yoga Nidra

Help Settle a Busy Mind Before Sleep

Release Tension


About the session

Allowing ourself time to release tension that accumulates in our body can feel supportive to our nervous system and general overall health. The stretches are designed to encourage diaphragmatic breathing, which allows a slower deeper exhale. When we breath in this way our heart rate calms and feels steady, which in turn can help stabilise a healthy blood pressure and lower inflammation in the body.  It also encourages the muscle to release, new blood flow to tense areas and aches & pains to ease. It is also good for lymphatic drainage.

The relaxation allows you to actively choose rest, without lots of outside sensory stimulation. When we choose active rest, it can feel very supportive for the brain and mind. Allowing you to process the day. This can help with sleep and our energy levels for the next day.

Terms and conditions for virtual sessions

We will be running this session virtually through zoom, you are welcome to attend with your microphone and camera off if you feel more comfortable doing so - although you may benefit from being more interactively involved during the session. We will email out the Zoom link to join the session before the session. Please check your junk folder if you can't find this link.

Register here.

When you first come in, please let the teacher know if you have any injuries etc. Once the class starts, please feel free to go on mute. If you have any questions during class, please press unmute and ask away.

You can watch Caroline's video here

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