Our Commitment

Mast Cell Action is committed to keeping people safe and are aware of specific vulnerabilities which may affect our service users. In our work with young people and adults who may be at risk due to age, illness, or disability, Mast Cell Action will always endeavour to provide services and activities which minimise risk and are safe. Mast Cell Action aims to:

  • Protect our service users, staff, and volunteers from harm or maltreatment
  • Protect our service users, staff, and volunteers from impairment of health or development
  • Ensure the provision of safe and effective care
  • Promote people’s life chances

Our Procedures

We have a robust safeguarding policy in place which is applied to all staff including third-party individuals and volunteers. Staff and volunteers receive mandatory safeguarding training and our policy and training requirements are reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with current statutory and regulatory provisions for safeguarding protocols, as well as best practice.

All Mast Cell Action staff and volunteers who come into contact with the children, vulnerable adults and their families will:

  • Be able to identify potential indicators of abuse or neglect
  • Have read the Safeguarding Policy
  • Know their role and responsibilities
  • Know how to communicate and record concerns
  • Know to act upon concerns


Every member of staff and volunteer working for Mast Cell Action has a responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. Key members of staff take a lead in this area. We all have a duty to report concerns wherever they arise for instance through our work in supporting service users, at fundraising events, with regard to the behaviour or practice of staff, volunteers, other organisations or individuals.

Mast Cell Action also has an appointed Safeguarding Officer, who will be available to all employees, volunteers, and service users to speak to when they have any concerns, issues or complaints regarding the safety, well-being or conduct of others. You can contact the Safeguarding Officer on 03301748521 from 8am to 8pm or by email.

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