"Many everyday things are difficult for me due to the symptoms that I need to manage but that doesn't stop me trying. With determination and the help of some supportive teachers I am ready to take 5 GCSE's this summer, and I have an offer from college to study science. I have joined a gym and I really enjoy going when I can. Recently I took up swimming & have just passed the beginners course and earned my 50 meters badge!"

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"It’s involved meticulous planning & making lifestyle adjustments: eating a low-histamine diet, avoiding triggers, staying organised with medications, practicing stress-management techniques, prioritising self-care, and surrounding myself with supportive individuals."

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"To others with MCAS I would say: we are all individual. Listen to your body, start incredibly small, try different things to find what works for you and then slowly build it up (this has taken me years). Believe in yourself and find people who believe in you. Don’t be afraid to dream."

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"After losing all of those things I didn’t want to lose anymore. Managing my own health & being carer to an MCAS child I needed to find some things again. Most of all I needed to find some fun in my life. Dog agility was where I found it."

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