MCAS for Disability Officers

This information guide about MCAS, and the additional needs a student with MCAS may have, can be shared with Disability Officers and other members of staff at universities.


MCAS and higher education

This resource has been designed to provide general guidance and help students to access support as they approach further education at university.


Meditation by Deborah Bircham with music shanti by Annie Brunson

A short mindfulness practice for those feeling illness or discomfort


Mast cells and the mind

A PDF to support our session on mast cells and the mind by Deborah Bircham


Full school pack

This PDF combines our freedom kit, MCAS for teachers pack and letter for schools in one handy download.


Freedom Kit

The resource pack to help you to share vital information about your child's mast cell disorder with school and other care-givers.


MCAS for teachers

This pack can be used to share information about MCAS with teachers and other care-givers.


Letter for schools

Use this letter template along with the Freedom kit to share your child's needs with their school or childcare provider


My Feel better plan

When we are feeling worried or scared it can be tricky to find a way to feel better about the things that are bothering us. Download and complete this plan which you can follow when those worries feel overwhelming.


The Spoon Theory

People with chronic illnesses like MCAS often have limited energy. In the spoon theory, by Christine Miserandino, this is represented as having 12 spoons per day. This can help to explain the impact of some everyday tasks on those living with chronic illness.


MCAS Self-management toolkit

This toolkit contains information about substances in food and in the environment that can affect mast cell activity or trigger MCAS symptoms. It also includes practical advice to help you understand and avoid these triggers, as needed.


MCAS symptom log


The histamine bucket theory

This histamine bucket is a useful visual aid in trying to understand the impact of factors contributing to histamine levels.


Ask Ingrid app

A free app developed by the Food Intolerance Network, Australian Society for Public Health. It contains comprehensive information about foods containing histamine, sorbitol, gluten, lactose, fructose and FODMAPs.

18.03.2022 Histamine, fructose & co food intolerance app

A smartphone app that provides practical, evidence-based information about foods containing common triggers such as histamine, tyramine, lactose, fructose, sorbitol and fructose.


Monash University FODMAP app

A smartphone app developed by experts at Monash University. Contains detailed information about foods containing FODMAPs as well as a useful symptom tracker feature.


Swiss Interest Group Histamine Intolerance (SIGHI)

SIGHI is an organisation that provides information about histamine-related disorders.


The low histamine chef

Blogs, books and recipes written by the low histamine chef (Yasmina Ykelenstam), a health journalist who has managed her own histamine intolerance for more than 10 years.


Becky's MCAS Journey

An infographic of a patient's experience with MCAS.


Diagnosing MCAS Leaflet

A leaflet discussing diagnostic criteria, biomarker tests and important information for diagnosis.


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