Reasonable adjustments in the workplace full pack

This is our full pack with multiple resources to support requesting reasonable adjustments in the workplace with MCAS.


Understanding your rights and advocating for yourself in the workplace - a guide for people with MCAS

This guide helps you to understand your rights and the support that could be put into place in your workplace to help you.


MCAS for employers

This guide for employers explains MCAS and the support that could be put into place in the workplace for those with MCAS.


An MCAS-friendly workplace - cheat sheet

This cheat sheet has top tips that might be helpful when creating an MCAS-friendly work place.


Reasonable adjustment passport

A workplace adjustments passport is a live record of all workplace adjustments agreed with your employer.


Template for requesting reasonable adjustments

This template may be helpful when requesting reasonable adjustments from your employer.


Reasonable Adjustments Reflection Template.

This table may support you to break down the reasonable adjustments that could be made to support you in your workplace.


Letter challenging a refusal to make reasonable adjustments

This letter may be useful if you need to challenge a refusal to implement reasonable adjustments in your workplace.


Reasonable Adjustments Policy Template

This template policy can be shared with your workplace to support the development and implementation of a reasonable adjustment policy.


Boom and bust cycle theory for adults

In the world of chronic illness, it's entirely normal to experience both 'good' and 'bad' days. However, if you overexert yourself on the good days, it can lead to an overcompensation of rest on the bad days. Trying to find a smoother path with more balance to your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days can help to stop the cycle.


Boom and bust cycle theory for Kids

In the world of chronic illness, it's normal to have good and not-so-good days. But if you do too much on the good days, you can end up needing extra rest on the not-so-good days. It's like a seesaw that goes up and down.


Recipe Conversion

You can use this blank recipe conversion page to note down any MCAS friendly changes you have made to your favourite recipe's.


Progressive muscle relaxation

When we feel worried or are in 'fight, flight or freeze' mode, our muscles can become tight without us even realising it. To help ourselves feel calmer, we can try focusing on each group of muscles in our body.


MCAS for Disability Officers

This information guide about MCAS, and the additional needs a student with MCAS may have, can be shared with Disability Officers and other members of staff at universities.


MCAS and higher education

This resource has been designed to provide general guidance and help students to access support as they approach further education at university.


Meditation by Deborah Bircham with music shanti by Annie Brunson

A short mindfulness practice for those feeling illness or discomfort


Mast cells and the mind

A PDF to support our session on mast cells and the mind by Deborah Bircham


Full school pack

This PDF combines our freedom kit, MCAS for teachers pack and letter for schools in one handy download.


Freedom Kit

The resource pack to help you to share vital information about your child's mast cell disorder with school and other care-givers.


MCAS for teachers

This pack can be used to share information about MCAS with teachers and other care-givers.


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